Jujubes Candy and The Meaning of Joy

Where art thou, Jujubes? So, I have been searching everywhere for Jujubes Candy, (and the meaning of joy), and every place in which I have searched for these precious, colorful gems, has been “OUT OF STOCK” of my favorite candy.

Who let the word out that these candies are sensational? Lately, I cannot find them anywhere! I am so glad my search has ended. I have finally found them on Amazon! I am going to purchase 12 Boxes. I cannot wait until they arrive!

Below is a picture of my beloved box of Jujubes. Is this not a lovely photo? I do not have to worry about getting “it’s good side” when I take a snapshot because, quite truthfully, Jujubes Candy has no bad side! It is a photographer’s dream to have Jujubes modeling for him/her.

I have been wary about writing this post on my love for Jujubes Candy because I thought it would cause Jujubes to become extinct because everyone would be buying them, but I cannot hold back any longer. I must confess my intense love for my Jujubes!
Tamara Yancosky Moore

Jujubes Candy

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