Rising Victoriously Above Narcissist Abuse

Rising above Narcissist (NPD) Abuse is a reason to celebrate, especially since recovery from this type of abuse is very lengthy, and difficult! Our world has been turned upside-down, and inside-out by a Narcissist, or Sociopath. We are spinning in cognitive dissonance, and it’s all so very painful. We second-guess, and blame ourselves, at times. What could we have done differently? Nothing.

Narcissists are Personality Disordered, and there is nothing whatsoever in which we could have done to have made the outcome turn out any different. It will always be a No-Win situation when in a relationship with a Narcissist. But, in learning the Red Flags, and talking about our own personal experiences with Covert Narcissists, we can help ourselves, and others, in not getting anywhere near these predators, again. (Men are at risk of being ensnared by Covert Narcissists, as well, in relationships, workplace, and every arena in life, just as women are).
Please click link below for Rhyming Poem on Rising Above Narcissist Abuse, and a YouTube Video:

© 2017 Tamara Yancosky Moore

Tamara Yancosky Moore

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